Tempat Nongkrong Marakez Cafe : Arabian Neighborhood Always Gives The Best Arabian Foods At Marakez Cafe Solo

People say if you want to get the best taste of a food, go to where that food comes from! Luckily we have this Arabian neighborhood in town...

People say if you want to get the best taste of a food, go to where that food comes from! Luckily we have this Arabian neighborhood in town so we can at least hope that we can have a dinner with good Arabian foods. This time around I have a chance to revisit my favourite arabian restauran, it's located in one of the most famous Arabian neighborhood in Solo, Pasar Kliwon. It is Marakez Cafe, you probably have heard of it too, it is kind of popular. Having started serving less than a year ago, this restaurant has gained quite reputation for their delicious Arabian foods. 

Anyway I'll just sum up two of my visits in one post here

1. Nasi Kabuli (30k) (Score 6.5/10), this is like the most popular Arabian fried rice to me, I can find it everywhere haha. Marakez's nasi kabuli tastes descent for me, and at that price I think it's very good to have a big chop of lamb cutlet (wrapped in alumunium foil). The grilled lamb cutlet is the big deal here, it's savoury and tender. The meat smells fragrant, usually lamb meat smells like a lamb and it can turn me off, I can still smell the lamb but it's so smooth and so appetizing.

2. Nasi Khabsah Lahm (30k) (Score 8/10) Once I looked at this dish, I fell in love with the rice. The rice was kind of two tone with yellow and ivory white, so pretty haha. Poured raisins put more colours on this dish. Aw I loved this one. This food got even better when I tasted it, it was savoury and sweet at the same time. Grilled lamb cutlet tasted as good as the ones in nasi kabuli. It has better texture of rice and combination for me compared to nasi kabuli, it also tastes more savoury. My favourite one.

3. Spicy Balls (11k) (Score 7/10) Its texture, taste, shape and everything else hmm are just similar to bergedel tahu. Only, here you'll find onion and excesive amount of pepper. Well I like it, no big deal if it's similar to what I'm used to have at home.

4. Nasi Goreng Kare (24k) (Score 7.5/10) This one is curry in the form of fried rice. No surprise coz we can find it in other place. But I have to say that this is my second best after nasi khabsah, it's cheap and reasonable to have in your dinner.

5. Nasi Mandhi Lahm (30k) (Score 6.5/10) At first, the rice tastes a little bit too soft and sorta tasteless. That's until you eat it with the lamb cutlet and hors d'oeuvre, they would blend descently eventually.

Marakez Cafe
Jalan Untung Suropati No. 74, Pasar Kliwon
Solo, Jawa Tengah. 
(0271) 648711

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