Tempat Nongkrong Homecoming (Part 2)

As strange as it can be, ternyata judul 2 post terakhir ku sama kaya title film Spiderman yang paling gres ya. Nggak sengaja deh bener, ema...

As strange as it can be, ternyata judul 2 post terakhir ku sama kaya title film Spiderman yang paling gres ya. Nggak sengaja deh bener, emang mau nulis ihwal kepulangan gitu kan ceritanya. So kalian udah tau kenapa saya memutuskan untuk mudik ke Sragen, Indonesia. I will now tell you what foods I have had these past 10 days. 

Selama 10 hari terakhir, tepatnya semenjak tanggal 10 Juli 2016 saya sudah makan dong di Indonesia. Yaiyalah kalo nggak makan dapat mati loh hahaha. Nah ini beberapa my top picks selama beberapa hari kemarin, masih belum makan semua masakan kesukaan tapi gpp, masih ada beberapa ahad lagi kok. 

1. Marutama Ramen (Skor 9/10) 
Chicken Tamago Ramen (spicy) 77k
YASSS YAS, Marutama Ramen ini menurutku punya salah satu ramen terbaik di Jakarta. I remember back in January their ramen was one of a few last delicacies I had in Jakarta. So did when I came back to Jakarta last week, I wanted to eat this so bad. My friends asked me why i didn't crave any Indonesian foods, in fact I did. But I was in Jakarta so I took chance to eat this ramen.  And my tummy was happy, it tasted just as good as the first time I ate it. Their chicken broth was original and savoury, the noodle was chewy and tasty, more importantly their egg was still as soft as baby's butt! 

Oh iya hampir lupa. Kaya biasa, baca Gogagaforfood lebih lezat kalo sambil denger musik. Silahkan diplay...

2. Sumber Bestik Solo (9/10)

Resoles Kuah 30k
There are numerous of amazing foods in this one restaurant, yes I know, but Resoles Kuah is forever my muse. I worship this food! First, this resoles itself is an amazing story with its fried egg covered minced-meats. Then Sumber Bestik adds another spell with its super delicious kecap broth. OHH I cannot tell you how I enjoy these combination each time I get there. Some veggies like letuce, tomato, potato and carrots are also there to help me feel less guilty for eating so many fats haha.

3. Bakso Mblenger Solo (Skor 6/10)

Bakso Beranak
Since I heard that one of my friends opened new Bakso stall, this place came up to my to-visit list right away when I arrived in Solo. Had their Bakso Beranak, so basically this consists of super big hollow-in-the-middle bakso, then there are some smaller bakso keju, bakso telur and bakso biasa in it. I admire its bakso keju and bakso telur indeed, but their super big bakso was a little bit less favourable, the texture was too soft, it's like there's no texture of bakso/ meat at all. The broth was savoury enough and trust me, sambel would heal any wound! Haha So you can see I added many many sambel on my bakso.

4. Makan Taichan Solo (Skor 8/10)

Paket Sate Taichann 20k
Another friend opened a Sate Taichan stall yeay so happy, my friends are the best hahaha. Out of some sate taichan that I have tried in some cities, this taichan is one of the best. You know they have this savoury sprinkles to pour on their sate. Imagine usual sate taichan you know are salty enough, this one is saltier, so it gives balance to the super hot sambal. So far I like this one just fine. I only feel weird for its brown skin sate, because usually the skin sate are white in other taichan. Apparently their sate kulit is a little bit sweet already, I suspect they use kecap before making it sate. Nice variation though.

5. Bakmi Toprak Yu Nani Kartopuran (Skor 9/10)

Bakmi Toprak 18k
As you already know there are 2 best stalls in Solo for bakmi toprak, this is one of them. Yess it still tastes as good as usual. The broth was less savoury but I could always add some salt, and the best part is that they have these rawits on the table where you can have as much as  you want. LOVE IT.

So there are some of my best picks, also with Ayam Geprek actually but I forgot to take picture. Here is another music to make you re-read this post haha. Thank you.


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