Tempat Nongkrong Fine Afternoon At Letter D By Chef Degan Jakarta

Letter D, one of the most interesting restaurants in Jakarta coz the owner is the very well known, Chef Degan. ...

Letter D, one of the most interesting restaurants in Jakarta coz the owner is the very well known, Chef Degan. He's been judging chefs in Masterchef Indonesia, Masterchef Junior Indonesia, being Best Asian Chef in World Gourmet Summit 2012, etc. Hmm with all that experiences and achievements, visiting his restaurant is mandatory for all food lovers.

The restaurant is minimalist yet still comfortable with all proper seats and tables. I am happy that this restaurant can be bright in the afternoon but still not hot. 2 well managed, decorated and spacious floors are ready for you to enjoy.

I was having 3 meals here wiht my friends, here they are

1. Talay Pao (140k) (Score 8/10) I can't explain the name, it's pretty strange to me. I can find some vegetables, asparagus and shrimp stirred together in this dish. Waiter told us it's better eaten with rice, and it's amazing. I may not know what its name means, but I know for sure this dish is a top notch ones from its kind.

2. Salmon Lodeh (130k) (Score 9/10) Lodeh, and salmon, and lodeh, and salmon huh? Lodeh is basically javanese cook, I can cook one, I used to have it too at home. Pretty weird to use salmon in lodeh, because originally lodeh is consisted of eggplant, tempeh, beans and so on. But this salmon lodeh is another surprise, it's savoury and tastes very good to me. The salmon is moist, tender and fancy. Surely I will raise my standart of lodeh hahah.

3. Lumpia Sayur (65k) (Score 7/10) Just like spring roll, but only veggies inside. Though it's very good, it's only lumpia. You know sometimes when you visit a good restaurant you always want a surprise, and this lumpia is, sorry, no surprise for me.

SALMON LODEH IS THE MOTHER OF LODEH. This was my choice, and I liked it. I didn't regret paying this much (130k) for lodeh coz it's really good. This dish brings lodeh into a whole new level. 

4. Keripik Tempeh (Complimentary) (Score 8/10) Not to forget this complimentary crisps, love it so much probably coz I was so hungry back then hahah.

I can tell you that this restaurant is a whole package if you want a fancy restaurant (but not so expensive), with nice foods, nice ambience and service. 

Letter D By Chef Degan
Jalan Ahmad Dahlan No. 16 Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta.
Instagram @letterd_

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