Tempat Nongkrong Bakmi Of The Town: Bakmi & Bajigur Kadin Yogyakarta

First of all, this place is the kind of place that local people would recommend you to visit. It's ...

First of all, this place is the kind of place that local people would recommend you to visit. It's a famous culinary spot in town so you can obviously expect some crowd and queue. 

Tonight I had a visit here, so crowded yet still got a table for me and my family. The service was fast enough, waitress straightly asked for foods we wanted once we got seated. The food was ready in no time, very good considering Bakmi Kadin was so crowded.

We actually had 3 different dishes here but I only tasted two of them ..

1. Bakmie Nyemek (21k) (Score 6.5/10) Actually this one is similar to the bakmie rebus in taste, texture and almost everything but this one comes with almost-no soup because that's what "nyemek" is. 

Bakmie nyemek I ate was savoury, chicken, eggs, vegetables were given in nice amount. The bakmie itself was something wrong to me, it felt rather overcooked, the bakmie was too soft and too big in size. You know when you cook mee for too long it will swell anyway.. It was not perfect at all but also not bad at all. You may tell the waitress not to cook it for too long when you order this.

2. Bakmie Rebus/ Godhog (21k) (Score 7/10) HMM The soup was nice, I actually liked it. It was not too salty, the taste was jut right in the place. 

But sorry I could find something like this in other places. I mean this Bakmie Kadin is a famous spot for eating, I believe I could expect something more from it laa. 

Overall Bakmie Kadin is a safe place when you want to go for dinner with your family but when you see the crowd, just keep your expectation low coz it will work. Haha..

It looks scrumptious doesn't it? It does. But was I surprised? I was not. I felt like I coulnd't Go Gaga for it, it's a nice place to try considering the crowd but also it's not the best place to get bakmie foods in town.

Bakmi & Bajigur Kadin Mbah Hj. Karto
Jalan Bintaran Kulon No. 6 Mergangsan
Yogyakarta, DIY.
(0274) 373396

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